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Digital Marketing

La Cartelería Digital se define de forma general como una nueva forma de emisión, en el que el vídeo o cualquier otro contenido multimedia se muestra mediante un monitor, proyector o videowall en lugares públicos con propósito informativo o promocional. El sistema ofrece las siguientes ventajas:

Digital Marketing
camara separe The system offers the following advantages:
  • Rapid and agile modification of campaigns as a result of possible external events.
  • Adverts can be directed on a geographic basis to a target audience (an urban environment, a rural environment etc…), depending on the office where the advertising is addressed to.
  • It allows the use of instantaneous messaging and reduces the time lag or delay between the publicity impact and the time at which the consumer decides to buy.
  • The advertising cost in terms of production, implementation, distribution and location is significantly reduced.
  • Possibility of imposing a tariff per advert and recording the broadcast.
  • Possibility of making the system interactive with touch screens where you can navigate through a pre designed menu.
75% of purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale. According to data from the global marketing association, POPAI, dynamic displays increase sales by 83% whilst with static displays the figure is 39%. At BITEK, we are conscious of this and are now marketing this system which has had a successful reception from our clients.

BITEK provides, installs and maintains the systems remotely making it a dynamic and flexible system.

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