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Supply, installation and maintenance of all kinds of communications networks with the most advanced technologies.

VoIP network and telephone switchboards
  1. IP switchboards based on Asterisk technology:We design and implement high quality and reliable systems, working with the best technology partners.

  2. Gateway IP systems which will enable you to integrate your conventional switchboard into an IP voice environment. By doing so, you will gain access to its functional or costs benefits without making a large investment.

  3. IP telephone solutions integrated among several offices: IP telephony allows us to integrate in a single system the telephony of your different offices. This enables you to reduce costs, simplify telephony management and improve communication among your employees.

  4. Converging networks for voice and data in IP: In order to have a good telephony and data system, it is necessary to count on a robust and well-dimensioned network. With that in mind, we work with the best technology partners and certified engineers.
    • Swapping or Switching systems
    • WIFI wireless networks
Advanced options:
  • Wireless infrastructure DECT. Installation of aerials to cover hundreds of terminals
  • High availability through active or passive clusters
  • Disaster recovery systems.
  • PA, Interphone and VideoInterphone systems based on VoIP.
  • Dynamic routing.
Advantages of replacing an analogue switchboard by an IP switchboard are as follows:
  • Easier to install and configure than a proprietary telephone system.
  • Easier to run thanks to its graphic configuration interface based on the Web.
  • Significant cost saving, using VOIP suppliers.
  • Eliminates telephone wiring.
  • Avoids depending on a single supplier.
  • Simple and cheap to extend it to more telephone points.
  • Better customer service and productivity.
  • Savings in maintenance as this is done remotely.
  • Telephones with more options and easier to handle.
  • Can be integrated into the existing IT network.
  • Improves management and control by allowing access to reports and statistics.

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